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by J. A. Edwards


  New worlds are just a page turn away 

Welcome My Friends

You have now entered into my world of imagination. 

Close your eyes and listen... Is it the sound of gusting wind that just went by? Did it kick up the dust on the ground that just hit you in the face? Ask your self why has the rest of the world now gone silent?  The temperature around has just risen. You slowly open your eyes to see a dragon hovering above you. You choose to stand before if out of pure fear and you pray that you are not the next meal on the menu. It returns your look with fire in its eyes. Then, as a what seemed to be a smile cross its lips, it flies away. You are left to wonder was it a dream or something more.  Like most mythical creatures, dragons are among us, you just have to use your senses to find them. 

I have been writing stories for many years, mostly short stories. My first series, The Seeker Series, started as a short story that got out of hand. My new series has turned into more of a project than a simple book. The "Draynor Dragons"  encompasses many things that I enjoy: a solar system, with a medieval theme, seven separate planets, each with their own unique way of life and my favorite, dragons.

The Dragon Brothers Reign is the current release.

Available where all books are sold.


(3rd book in the dragon series) 

Due to some editing changes, there was a delay in the release. Coming Summer of 2017.