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The Dragon Inside

On the planet of Naronna, Brie was a simple bakery owner who kept to herself. No one suspected her to be a runaway from a powerful royal family from Malta. Her life was about to change when that dragon inside of her no longer was content to remain dormant. Brie’s real name is Brieanika, she holds several royal titles on two separate planets, but since she ran away she managed to live her life the way she liked for over a thousand years but it had all come to an end.

Royal guards were sent to retrieve her so she could learn how to control the dragon and to become one with it. Though she dreaded returning to the life that she didn’t know, she had no choice but to join her people and fulfill her destiny. In this exciting fantasy tale, accompanied by Trace, her Sentinel, and a few friends, Brie rediscovers her heritage, stumbles through her new life within the royal court and learns what it really means to be a dragon. While doing all of that, she must continue to do everything in her power to prevent the one person intent on ending her life from succeeding.

The Dragon Brothers Reign

Sequel to THE DRAGON INSIDE - Brieanika is the Southern Queen of Malta, she has two sides inside of her. A child like dragon, who is growing stronger and more dangerous every day, and an adult human like side that leads a nation. She struggles constantly to try to merge the two sides into one, as she deals with her everyday life within the Draynor royal court.

With the discovery of the child that she had been hiding, waves were sent through the Navis System and a pending war was laid at her door step. She has to fight against her strongest critics who called for her to resign. But with the people within her inner circle and the strength they give her to continue, she does her best to prove that she will do everything in her power to see that her people will survive.

Fire and Flame - The Red Demon

For ten years Queen Brieanika (Brie) has ruled over the Draynor dragons in peace even though many still considered her a youngling. But now that peace is threatened when the ancient Grenon dragon line returns to claim the throne they feel was stolen by the youngling Draynor queen. When the larger, stronger Grenon leader Saline challenges Brie to a battle to the death in a bid to take the Draynor throne, it seems all hope is lost for the young queen. With one solar year to prepare for the battle to defend her kingdom from Saline’s terrible plans or die, Brie undertakes a strenuous training schedule. With the help of her cousins Daxen and Mikan, her faithful slayers and sentinels, and her mate Trace, Brie is determined to gain the skills that she’ll need to win the challenge.

If only things were so easy! Throw in a plot to overthrow the system royals, a big deal marriage, and the politics of avoiding a war while proving herself to be a true leader, and our little red dragon queen heroine has her hands full in this exciting third installment of author J.A. Edwards’ entertaining Dragons of Draynor series. Hold on tight and come along for the ride as we follow Queen Brieanika and her court on their adventures as they attempt to save the Draynor throne and win the hearts of the dragons they rule.

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