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Book Reviews for J. A. Edwards

Reviews for RAVEN ( Authors - Ashtyn Edwards and J. A. Edwards)

JA Edwards and son write a tale that is fun, fantastic, and original. Their characters are interesting and the story line is imaginative. Edwards' work has a unique element of dreamy fantasy. This world is internally consistent and interesting but has a deep playful element that always makes me think about childhood imagination. Fun, unconsciousness, truly fantastic.

May 9, 2018

I just adored this book. It is truly a book for all ages with a plot that is not so complex that the reader is exhausted but one that keeps you intrigued and fall in love with the characters. I literally could not put it down and finished it in one evening and cannot wait to read it again!

May 8, 2018

Very well done. The attention to detail of characters and emotions really made the book a pleasure to read. I was unable to put it down once I started ready. I can only hope that Raven's story will continue. 100% recommend to readers of any age.

May 08, 2018Robin lane rated it it was amazing

Great book!

Loved this book. If you like Make-believe this book is for you!! Could not put the book down. Well written and the characters made this book.

Reviews for Fire and Flame - The Red Demon

Young queen Brieanika finds herself in the middle of a number of storms. There are overt and covert plots aplenty in this universe of humans and dragons. This is the third book of Edwards' Draynor and Dragon series. However, it stands on its own quite well. There are several things about her writing that makes this book a very good read. The blending of dragons and space travel, the protagonist Brieanika, the Draynor (can assume dragon or human form) make this book (and the previous two) seem like the flight of fancy of a day-dreaming girl. There is something very fresh about how things (like dragons and space travel) are blended that delivers an alive make believe world. This is not a children's story. The other very strong point is that as the book starts storming towards its conclusion the reader (and often the characters) are swirled around by plot twists and reveals. I had a great time reading this and look forward to reading more of Edwards' books. (I recommend the first two in this series also).

5.0 out of 5 stars One great book

By Robin lane on July 15, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition

If you like Science fiction you will love this book. I personally never read science fiction ever. This book had me on the edge of my seat turning the next page to see what would happen. And one of the main characters in this book name is one of the authors favorite country singers.

Reviews for The Dragon Inside

Lori Serrano's review

May 30, 13

4 of 5 stars

Read from May 19 to 27, 2013

What a great surprise. I don't normally read SciFi/fantasy but I couldn't put this book down. What a great story about learning to accept who you really are inside. I especially liked the bond formed between the members of the small group protecting a future Queen. Brie was a fun main character. She was strong, intelligent and assertive not too mention funny. I can not wait to get my hands on the sequel. I hope more people discover the gem that is The Dragon Inside.

5.0 out of 5 stars One of my favorites. Can't wait for the sequel!! May 29, 2013

By Rachelle


I just finished reading this book and it is definitely one of my favorites. There's always something happening that pertains to the story line. Some books I have read have long, useless sections that are just descriptive about the scene, which ends up being completely unnecessary to the story line, but there is none of that in this book. Everything that is happening and everything described is important to the story line and I never wanted to put the book down. I knew something great was about to happen at the turn of every page and couldn't wait to see what it was. Can't wait for the sequel.

4.0 out of 5 stars What a hidden gem February 23, 2014

By Cate's Book Nut Hut

Format:Kindle Edition

This book is definitely a hidden gem, and many may be fooled by the cover that could indicate this is a children’s book; this is a book that all ages can read and enjoy either alone or together.

The main protagonist is fun, intelligent, strong and assertive, and this combination together could have quite easily led to a somewhat overbearing female lead; this was not the case in this book. Using the voice of their main character, the Author manages to propel a story about acceptance of not only ourselves but of others in such a way that it is easy to forget that this is fantasy novel; this character is so likeable that it would be difficult for any reader not to connect with her and find something in her that they could easily like and want to emulate.

In a way that I’ve not seen in a book in long time, the Author manages to have a storyline that doesn’t lack in momentum, and everything that happens with in this novel’s pages pertains to the main plot. There is no overuse of long descriptive scenes being used a fillers, everything read has a purpose in helping the reader come to the end of the book. This is a tough book to put down and is wonderful way to spend a cold rainy day wrapped up in its adventures.

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of the fantasy genre, and will be reading the next instalment in this sequel.

Sara Knight's review

Aug 27, 14

5 of 5 stars

Read in August, 2014

This is the story of Brie a runaway for a Royal family. She has to face her past and learn to live with "The Dragon Inside". It is has been quite some time since I enjoyed a fantasy novel this much. The story flowed nicely and the characters were exciting - Brie is a wonderful main character. Clever and fun, this book is a great way to spend a few hours during a rainy evening while enjoying such an imaginative adventure. With vivid plot details and exquisite turns of imagination, I just loved the easy-to-read, fast-paced, and humorous writing style of the author. And J.A Edwards is an immensely talented author. Over-all it's a tough book to put down.

The Dragon Brothers Reign Reviews

Sara Knight's review

Aug 27, 14

5 of 5 stars

Read from August 08 to 27, 2014

J.A. Edwards is doing an excellent job with this series. I thought the first instalment was good, but the second part really had me hooked. Its just fantastic, I love the conflict within the main character Brie. Although less character development than the first season you have to love this! This book is ideal for readers who delights in action-packed, magical stories containing colourful scenes. Combine this with Edwards’s brilliant storytelling and larger than life descriptions and you get a story that you won’t be able to get out of your mind.

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