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Taking a break from the Dragon Series to do a collaboration with Ashtyn M. Edwards (my son). The book will be listed as a Young Adult Novella. WE GIVE YOU:


The Chocolate Cosmos, is a beautiful red flower that can only be found in one place in the world, while the White Chocolate Cosmos is only found in the mythical realm. The Fae race use the flower to heal their wounded after a battle and the Demons seek to destroy it

The Fae moved the flower into the human world to hide it from other mythical creatures, but the Demons found the location of the flower and tried to burn down the forest that protected it. What they didn't count on was, HE was going to be sent to save it.

Raven, half Fae and half Demon, outcast by both races, but he managed to find a makeshift family within the Guardians. The Guardians, under the direction of Mother Nature, are sworn to protect all of nature in the human realm and to keep peace in the mythical realm.

The two realms are about the collide as Raven is forced to release his demon half to save both worlds from destruction.

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