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J. A. Edwards

J. A. Edwards was born in Cincinnati Ohio. She was the youngest of four children. Due to her Father’s career she moved around the country until she settled down in the town of Modesto California. It was not until middle school when she found the outlet of writing short stories. Many times during school she was found writing on her stories when she should have been paying attention in class. Her passion continued as she aged and it followed her when she entered into the military. She spent a little over four years in the Air Force where she got the opportunity to work in Germany and England. This is where her fascination with the medieval times flourished. Once she left the military she headed back to California to attend college. She received a degree in behavioral science. In 1996 members of her family convinced her to move back to Wisconsin where she has spent a few years of her life when she was a child. This is where she has happily lived with her son ever since. Throughout her life she could always be found with a pad of paper ready to write down things that filled her imagination. She would always be willing to discuss her stories with anyone who would listen. Her characters would take on characteristics from people who she has met. Specifically the main characters, a few of them act a certain way that would remind her of people from her past or of people who are long gone. It is a way she uses to keep them close. She is determined to continue to push the boundaries of her imagination to bring to life the fantasy worlds and the people that live there for the real world to share.

Ashtyn M. Edwards 

Asthyn Edwards was born in Wisconsin and still lives there. He presently attends high school. He is your typical teenager who loves sports (football, basketball, and martial arts) and video games, but he has an imagination that compares to his mother's. Not knowing yet what he wants to do with his life, but publishing Raven opened up another avenue for him to explore. 

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