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The Seeker Trilogy

The Hidden Seeker

Jessie Mati, the Captain of the King's Guards, finds her uneventful life turned upside-down when a member of the Seeker Council is captured and killed. The secrets that she had been hiding begin to merge one right after another, each more dangerous then the one before. Jessie finds herself fearing for the safety of her daughter and the thought of losing the man she is not allowed to date. She has to decide where her allegiance lies, with the king who raised her or the Seeker who gave her life.

Generation Jumpers

With Jessie Mati's secrets out in the open, she had finally found peace in her life. But as the wedding day between Prince Sada and Princess Tetra from Arcadia approaches, the Arcadian people have pushed for the capture of Gady, the Leader of the Seekers and his daughter Gessa. Jessie finds herself in the middle of a heated battle between the Seekers and the rest of the population. Both sides crying for help, while all she wants is peace.

Belladaine - The Guardian of Talla

The death of Gady gave Jessica Mati two problems. Her connection to the life force had grown to a level no one had ever seen before and she had a hard time controlling it. Also, she is now the Leader of Seekers, who must decide how to respond to the killing of her father. Torn between two sides of one war, she tries to bring peace to her people before she is exposed and executed for being a Seeker.

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